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Drain System Services

Adding Sewer Main Clean Outs

If you have an older home, chances are a cleanout access point for drain clearing equipment was not a part of the original drain system. We can add an end of the line cleanout or a building cleanout where your main sewer pipe begins to ease your pain when your main line gets clogged.


Sewer Cleanout Addition in Menifee, Ca

Sewer Cleanout Addition in Menifee, Ca

Camera Snaking in Redlands, Ca

Drain Scoping (Camera Snaking)

We can determine the exact type & location of a clog by using a camera snake to scope the drain. We can also determine & show damage to a drain pipe that may have been caused by roots or a foreign object. 

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting uses very high water pressure to get thru the toughest clogs and thoroughly clean the inside of your drain pipes.

Drain Pipe Locator in Perris, Ca

Drain Pipe Locating

We have special equipment which can help accurately determine where a drain pipe is located before digging.

Sewer Main Repair or Replace

If your main sewer drain pipe is damaged and needs a spot repair or needs the whole line replaced we are your plumbers. We can have you back up and running in no time.

Sewer Pipe Replacement in Riverside, Ca

Sewer Pipe Replacement in Riverside, Ca

Unclogging a tub drain in Temecula, Ca

Unclogging Drains

Most clogs can be undone with just a drain snake. We can unclog any of your drains from the kitchen sink or dishwasher to the bathtub, shower, bathroom sink, floor drains, toilets, urinals & more.

  Drains get old and wear out over time which can cause very expensive damages to you personal property. We can repair them for you so you can rest easy.   

Plumbing Fixtures

Kitchen Faucets


Vessel Bowl Type Lavatory Sinks


Bathroom Faucets


Garbage Disposals


Pot Filler Faucets


Toilets & Pedestal Sinks


Tub Faucets


Shower Faucets


Bar Sink Faucets


Gas System Services

Barbecue Hook Ups


We can convert your propane bbq to natural gas and connect it to your house.

Gas Leak Detection & Repair


If you smell gas then you should turn off the gas to you house immediately. Then call American PipeSmith Plumbing (909) 648-5238. We are experts at finding and fixing gas leaks.  

Water System Services

Water Leak Detection & Repairs

If you suspect you have a water leak but don't know how to find it or if you already you do but need help to repair it... We are you plumbers!!!

Hot & Cold Water System Repiping

If you have old pipes that have already been repaired a couple of times you may want to consider talking to us about repiping.

Water Pressure Regulators

If your water pressure is higher than 80psi then you need a water pressure regulator to keep your plumbing safe.

Water Service Assemblies

We can rebuild your water service assembly with a new ball valve, pressure regulator, irrigation service outlet and hosebibb.

Main Water Service Pipe

If you're having a problem with your main water service pipe, call us for help. (909) 648-5238.

Irrigation Valve Banks

If you're having problems with your sprinkler valves we can rebuild the valve bank for you.

Water Leak Detection & Repairs

   American PipeSmith Plumbing offers expert leak detection services. Has your water bill mysteriously gone up lately? You probably have a hidden water leak somewhere. It could be anywhere from the meter to the last faucet to the irrigation system to a running toilet, etc. We can find and fix that leak for you. And not to worry if you need other repair services we have a solid network of reliable contractors in other trades who are tried and tested true that we've been working with for many years, who we can refer you to.

Leak Detection. This piece of copper was the culprit behind a slab leak in Riverside, Ca.

Leak Detection. This piece of copper was the culprit behind a slab leak in Riverside, Ca.

Do you have an older home with galvanized pipes? Galvanized Pipes are made of steel which will rust so the manufacturer "galvanized" them. This means the pipes were dipped in zinc to prevent rust & corrosion in order to make them suitable for water usage. This was great technology at one time but builders stopped installing them and starting installing copper a long, long time ago. The problem was that eventually the galvanized coating wears off and the pipe begins to rust and corrode from the inside out. The water that you brush your teeth with, and cook with and use for everything is passing thru these pipes. American PipeSmith Plumbing is a home repiping expert. We recommend using PEX tubing for a more sanitary, more efficient and longer lasting system because although copper is a great alternative to galvanized steel pipes it also deteriorates over time and will develop pinhole leaks.

Main Water Service Pipe

Main Water Service Pipe

Your water main is the pipe that carries water from your street or alley, thru your yard and ends where the house or buildings plumbing system begins. A lot of older houses had a galvanized steel pipe installed as the original water main. If you are having problems with your water main. We can repair or replace your main water pipe.

Water Pressure Regulators


Water Pressure Regulators (Pressure Regulating Valves or PRVs)

PRVs are a very important part of you plumbing system. If the water pressure coming from the street is to high (>80psi) then it needs to be regulated to protect your plumbing pipes & fixtures. The PRV needs to be inspected & tested periodically to ensure it is operating properly. We can test these and replace it for you if needed.

Water Service Assemblies

Water Service Assemblies & Hose Bibbs

Having a water service assembly on the front of your house provides great convenience in an emergency situation where you need to shut the water off in a hurry. When a pipe springs a leak in your house you don't want to have to mess the water meter out at the street. A lot of older houses don't have them. If your house doesn't then call us (909) 648-5238.

   We can repair, replace, or install additional hose bibbs for you as well.

Water Service ssembly in Canyon Lake, Ca.

Water Service ssembly in Canyon Lake, Ca.

Irrigation Service/Sprinkler Valves


Irrigation Valve Service Bank

American PipeSmith Plumbing can rebuild your sprinkler valve bank.